Lauren Saunders

National LGBTI Officer

Chris Di Pasquale

National LGBTI Officer


The NUS LGBTI Department fights against queerphobia on and off campus. We want universities – and society – to be places free from discrimination and oppression.

Over the last few years we’ve been involved in campaigning against transphobia and supporting the creation of gender neutral bathrooms on campuses, supporting the campaign for equal marriage rights and equal access to adoption – both of which are still not fully accessible to same sex or gender diverse people across the country, and opposing police brutality towards queer people.

We also want to make sure queer students know about the different services available to them, and support queer departments and collectives at universities.

As well as all that, we’re involved in fighting the governments attacks on our education – cuts to education disproportionately impact people who already experience marginalisation and oppression in society, and fee increases will make it all the more harder for queer people to access universities. In 2017 we want to do all that and more!

This year’s National LGBTI Officers are Chris Di Pasquale and Lauren Saunders – we’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!