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National Education Officer

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The Education Department is responsible for working with student unions to co-ordinate national campaigns around higher education: it's quality, accessibility and affordability.

The Department runs a bi-annual national survey on quality of teaching and learning according to students and works with campuses to lobby for improvements. It is also responsible for NUS' annual Education Conference.

In the past, the Education Officer has overseen campaigns around Full-Fee Paying places, Student Service and Amenities Fees, ancillary course costs and funding for higher education.

In 2015, the department has a core focus on fighting the deregulation of university fees and articulating a better funding structure for higher education. Look out for the Demand a Better Future campaign on your campus!


Quality Survey

NUS' Quality Survey has now closed!

It's a chance for students to make their voices heard on the quality of teaching and learning at their universities. The Quality Survey is the only student-run student experience survey in Australia!

The findings and report will be released later in 2015!



We've reached a critical juncture in higher education in Australia. The Federal Liberal Government's proposed plans to deregulate funding is just one challenge facing students in the immediate future. Uncertainty around funding, fees, and student income support mean an americanisation of our education system and a generation of young people ruling out tertiary education.  

2015 is critical for students to come together and put an end to the Liberal's agenda. Students need to come together to Demand A Better Future - to articulate to the community and the government why a fair and funded higher education higher education sector is important to Australia's future. 

Plan to Win 


The Problem

The Federal Government is hell bent on deregulating university fees, but what does this mean? Why is this a problem?

Deregulating student fees means allowing universities to set the cost of education.

This is a problem because we know Universities are always eager for more money, not less, so there is no doubt that the cost of your university education will soar.

If you’re a current undergraduate student this means your university could change the cost of your degree while you are already studying…

And if you’re a future university student it means you won’t know how much your degree will when you accept your offer.

As well as the changing cost of education, deregulation will prevent access to higher education for many Australians unable to afford the exorbitant prices.

And then there’s the 20% cut to university funding. This compounds the problem of deregulating university fees.

Cuts to funding will see university vice-chancellors look to student pockets to make up the funding gap.

Relying on the “market”/vice chancellors to set fees will see Australia fall into an Americanised, two-tiered system where students who can afford to pay exorbitant fees at elite universities will benefit, while the rest of Australia will be robbed of opportunity.

Smaller universities, many of which provide programs in regional and rural communities, may experience a fall in enrolments and therefore a loss of funding. Quality may suffer, further hindering already disadvantaged regional students who will miss out or have to relocate.

There are just too many risks to Australia’s future.

We need your help to put an end to the Federal Government’s disastrous higher education agenda.

This is a disastrous path for us to go down.

The Solution

These policies were not part of the Liberal/National Party platform they took to the 2013 federal election. Springing these radical changes to the fairness currently underpinning our university sector is wrong and we must stand up against this agenda.

Student unions, university staff, academics and high schoolers are pushing back hard against this disastrous policy. This reform is too important to ignore, and we want to know that we did out bit to keep higher education fair in Australia.

We want every Australian to have a bright future – whether they can afford to pay over $100,000 or not.

We are Demanding A Better Future and we want you to join us!

Building opposition to the changes to our universities means we need to have a powerful online voice, and get feet out on the streets

  1. Join the campaign for a better future now 
  2. Keep up to date on rallies and events on facebook
  3. Tell us your story. How deregulation will impact you? Send your story to


NUS National Day of Action


NUS has called a National Day of Action for the 19th of August!

Join NUS in protest against the governments proposed fee deregulation!

Chris Pyne and Tony Abbott are introducing deregulation of university fees for a third time. We have defeated this legislation twice already but the government hasn't got the message. Polling has consistently shown that at least 80% of Australians are against deregulated fees. Deregulation will lead to higher universities fees, and no certainty or ceiling to the cost of your degree. 

The Government has proposed $3 Billion of funding cuts for the higher education sector. In an already critically underfunded sector, these cuts will mean even less time with our lecturers and tutors, fewer equity programmes and will decrease the quality of campus facilities and services. 

In the budget, the Government announced cuts to income support payments, including a four-week waiting period and an increase in the age of eligibility for Newstart, leaving thousands of students worse off- especially when they graduate and are looking to enter the workforce. 

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