Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Students

Lizzie Green

National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Officer


The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) Department is an autonomous portfolio whose priority is to advocate for the voices of Indigenous Tertiary Education Students and create a space for constructive discussion. The ATSI Department works to support students and their needs as well as combat and fight for the issues that are of concern to Indigenous students.

The main focus of the ATSI Department this year will be the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student Conference in Sydney, 2015. The conference will be held from the 22nd – 25th of July with Indigenous officers, representatives and student leaders to attend.

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student Conference will bring together Indigenous student leaders and activists from around the country who will be discussing and voicing issues and concerns of ATSI Tertiary Education students, participating in workshops involving building and gaining skills in the area of policy writing, gaining fundraising and campaigning skills, leadership, resilience and have the opportunity to listen to and learn from high profile guest speakers. There is no other conference that is specifically aimed at Indigenous Tertiary Education students and in this sense, it is one of a kind.

In 2015, the ATSI Department will fight: to SAVE ITAS; for equal representation of Indigenous students on campuses; Indigenous Students access to support services; building strong Indigenous women voices - SISTERS CAN SPEAK Campaign, as well as fighting against unjust proposals of Indigenous peoples around the country by the Liberal governments such as the proposed closure of Aboriginal Communities in WA. 


2015 National Executive Reports

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